Metal Coyote Yard Art $55+

Howling metal coyote with stakes for ground anchoring. Can also be made with a flat base that can be covered with rocks if you’d rather these sit on the ground. Available finishes are matte black, bare metal, rusted metal, or copper patina.

Item is plasma cut out of steel.


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Made from steel, our Metal Coyote Yard Art are plasma cut and assembled right here in Arizona. Each one is custom cut to order, and are designed to be an outdoor metal art piece.

Four Finishes Available:

You can see samples of each finish in the pictures above.

Matte black: Coyote will be painted matte black and should be cleaned and sealed yearly to avoid rusting.

Bare metal: If not sealed, coyote will slowly rust over time as the elements naturally age the metal. If sealed, the sealer will slow the rusting process and should be cleaned and reapplied yearly.

Copper patina: Coyote is treated with a patina spray and then sealed. Sealant should be applied yearly to keep rust from setting in.

Rusted metal: Coyote will come to you pre-rusted, and the process will be started right here in our plasma cutting shop in Arizona.

We start the rusting process for you by finishing the metal and then treating it with a vinegar/peroxide/salt mixture. This is a superficial form of rust and the metal should be handled as little as possible until the organic rusting kicks in.

Are there options for how these metal coyotes can be displayed?

Metal coyote yard art displays can be made with stakes or with a flat base on the bottom to sit under rocks and anchor your little guy to the ground. We offer other animals, too, so you can mix and match to create the pack of your choice!

Notes about these metal coyotes:

  • Metal coyote come with stakes for ground anchoring, but they can also be made with a flat base that can be covered with rocks.
  • Item is plasma cut out of steel.
  • Dimensions: 24″x 13″ (With 7″ stakes)

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