Custom Metal Signs & Yard Art

We create custom metal signs and metal yard art in Tucson, Arizona and surrounding areas.
We love working with our customers to create unique and personal decor, gifts, and awards using tools in our metal shop.
Our Metal Shop in Tucson contains a variety of tools, including:
  • plasma table
  • large powder coating booth and oven
  • welder
  • industrial sander
  • laser engravers
steve in front of plasma table

L4 Laser Engraving & Metal Art is a Veteran-Owned business in Vail, Arizona. We serve Tucson, Vail, Corona de Tucson, Green Valley, Sahuarita, Oro Valley, and Marana. We ship our smaller items worldwide.

Some of our most popular products are:

collage of 9 images showing examples of metal signs made for customer

We can cut through metal of various thicknesses, and our most popular sizes are between 2 ft and 4 ft.

Plasma cutting is a way to cut through metal, and using a plasma table allows for a computer to be used to assist the plasma torch in cutting exact designs.

Plasma cutting is more cost efficient than laser cutting metal, but not quite as precise. The best detail will typically be seen in items larger than 18 inches.

collage with 9 pictures showing examples of metal yard art we have made for customers

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