Real Estate Client Gifts

Real Estate client gifts can range from simple to extravagant, but they should never be stressful. We work with Real Estate Agents a few different ways depending on what’s right for your business:

  1. Try our Create & Ship Service: Tell us what you’d like and we’ll order and store your gifts! Simply send us your weekly or monthly client spreadsheet and we’ll engrave your gifts and send them out for you, then send you a spreadsheet with the engraving and shipping charges along with tracking numbers.
  2. Bulk Realtor Gifts: Is there a certain style you love? We’ll make or order your gifts and engrave them for you, then send them over to you for distribution. This is the best way to keep your prices down in the ever changing supply and demand market.
  3. Just need a one time closing gift? We can do that! Contact us today and tell us what you’d like-we’ll create something amazing for you to gift to your client.

From bar boards to custom Real Estate Gift Baskets, we offer something for every price range.


Here are some gifts that we are loving right now:

  • Cutting boards: From small bar boards up through serving slabs, we can engrave simple last names, new home messages, or handwritten recipes right on the board.
  • Wind Spinners: New to the desert? Maybe a Kokopelli wind spinner is fitting. Does your client love her flowers? Maybe a sunflower is the way to go–we have a variety of options for these unique metal gifts.
  • Yard torches: Our backyard torches are a statement piece that your clients will be talking about for years–beautiful during the day as well as in the evening, your gift will leave a lasting impression.

As a Real Estate agent, you know how important it is to ensure that your client is taken care of and appreciated. Our Real Estate Client Gifts will have return clients calling you back for years!

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